R+S workshop

Emiliano Sciacca

Born on 19 november 1973, after High school qualification from Liceo Classico, he attended the Architecture faculty at University of Florence, Master’s degree in “Design of Big Buildings”, 110/110 with honours.

In 2001 he joined Agens S.r.l., a General Contractor in Milan, working on complex civil and industrial works and reuse of complex real estate and historical monuments.

He worked as Project Manager on the enlargement and renovation of the Medical Center in Veruno and of the Medical Center in Montescano. As a Designer, among other projects, he won the Tender for the granting of Bagatti-Valsecchi Palace in Milan.

In 2003 he joined the Design Team with, among others, Studio Cerri & Associati, Land s.r.l. and a group lead by Professor Giovanni Carbonara, winning the International Tender of Recovery and Valorization of the Royal Villa of Monza and its Gardens.

In 2004 he starts the collaboration with the engineer Giuseppe Rustignoli, working together on the design of “Mandarin Lake of Como” on the Como Lake and on their first hotel complex  in Russia.

He worked as a designer of hotels, infrastructures and residential buildings in Italy and abroad. Over the years he gained experience in design of medium-large structures and in project management from concept up to executive design and interiors. He travelled extensively and learned about local practices and know-how, going through a highly stimulating training experience.

He is interested in sustainable architecture, both in terms of eco-sustainability and life quality provided inside the buildings and in the environment.