R+S workshop

Giuseppe M. Rustignoli

Born on 12 october 1965, after High school qualification, he attended the Engineering faculty at University of Milan, receiving bachelor’s degree, Civil Engineering in 1991, Master’s degree, Civil Engineering in the University of California, San Diego  in 1992 and Master’s degree, Design and Managing of hospital buildings in University of Bologna in 1996.

He obtained his professional qualification and joined the “Order of Engineers” in 1992, starting his professional activity  in Como, working in Italy and abroad, developing projects of increasing complexity, mostly hospital, whose specific complexity will be the most important professional gym.

In 2004 he starts a collaboration with the architect Emiliano Sciacca, with simultaneous acquiring  of important commissions, including  the Cruise hotel, the Casta Diva resort on the Como Lake and the first Holiday-Inn on the Asian part of Russian Federation.

Throughout his career, he worked on integrated design projects of increasing complexity developing all of the project stages –  from concept, detailed and working design to the site supervision, final testing and commissioning.

Our work is a combination of technology and art. Building successfully means finding the right solution to a limited by set of factors in a highly complex environment.

Some materials are sort of “living creatures”, that can adapt to any form, any need, any stress, “everything moves and everything is coordinated”.