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STATUS – отель – Это большой кораблб

Hotel is one big ship

Giuseppe M. Rustignoli and Emiliano Sciacca are main part of the R+S Workshop. They have worked on the Domina Novosibirsk hotel and made the whole interior design in it. In this interview for Status magazine, they have talked about a modern hotel design, the friendship between the Russian and Italian, and in what architectural way Novosibirsk should develop. Giuseppe compares hotel with a large ship. He thinks that it works in the same way and also it is a really complicated thing. You can’t see it, but every element in the hotel must work perfectly. And when something breaks, the whole thing can be ruined by a comment of the guest, who, nowadays, can make a complaint in a few seconds via his or her smartphone. Giuseppe has a professional dream to build one important bridge for some city and he also thinks that Russian people think and see the friendship the same, which he finds really important. As for modern design trends, Giuseppe says, that natural materials are very popular right now. The feeling that you touch something natural gives you calmness, comfort in a new place. Elegant simplicity, efficiency, uniqueness – that what make a hotel interior design today. Emiliano says, that Novosibirsk needs some architectural renovation, because now you can only find something interesting inside the city’s cafes and restaurants, not outside, on the streets. But, in general he likes this Siberian city. He compares working with the hotel group with building a house. The designer has to follow all the requests that client has. If the client doesn’t have them, the designer will make his own house, which may not be suitable for the client. That’s why the designer always must listen to his client. Emiliano wants to make something so big and great in his life, that this work will be remembered by a lot of people even after his death. He also supposes that modern hotels are going to be more colorful soon, because mono-colors have already made people a bit tired of their coldness.


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